About Us

Harlem Property Management is a full-service, customer-centric, sophisticated property management company that focuses solely on real estate with up to 99-units in five boroughs with a specialized focus in Harlem and Upper Manhattan. That specialization allows HPM to leverage the depth of its knowledge and capabilities in the industry, its extensive resources, and its vital local presence to help owners maximize their investments.

Harlem Historical PlaqueHPM’s owners are the industry veterans Robb Pair and Jim Simari, who have a combined total of 50 years of property management experience. Robb and Jim thoroughly understand the short- and long-term implications of all decisions. Their distinctive expertise and talents combine to provide holistic, comprehensive property management services that help protect, enhance, and grow a property investment. At the end of the day, clients can sleep soundly knowing that HPM’s owners and client management teams are caring for the well-being of their property.

Buildings and units are multi-faceted assets. Property owners face a myriad of challenges, from ensuring routine and preventative maintenance, billing, and managing cash flow to dealing with catastrophic events, navigating changes in city rules and regulations, and implementing long-term planning, to name only a few. HPM offers clients the knowledge, wisdom, and expertise necessary for handling any assignment, task, or issue.
Cultivating positive long-term relationships with customers and contractors, providing friendly, professional, hands-on attention, maintaining a local storefront presence and an open-door policy, making sound, transparent, financially-savvy decisions, managing uncertainty, minimizing risk and exposure, and ultimately maximizing value: those are HPM’s core competencies.

We think that if you have a property in Harlem and/or Upper Manhattan you’ll want to get together and talk with us. We’re confident that you’ll benefit from that meeting, even if you decide we’re not a match. Please call Jim today at 212-280-6823, or email him at james.s@harlempm.com and learn how you can get more from your investment and your management company.