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While most buildings in Harlem are co-ops, an increasing number of condominiums are popping up throughout the neighborhood. Though the two residential building types are different, there’s no doubt that they share one big similarity: they need good management in order to be places where people love living.

A member of the Real Estate Board of New York, Harlem Property Management is the go-to expert for co-op and condo building management in Upper Manhattan. We specialize in managing condos, co-ops, and multi-family buildings up to 99 units.

Can Your Board Manage Your Building On Their Own?

Many residential buildings have been managed by a board of owners for many years. However, there are more and more demands that you must keep up with. Good management requires that you know the building inside and out, even if you have your own job or family to take care of. Good management also requires you to keep up with the paperwork, the finances, the insurances, staff changes, and all legal issues related to the property. You can’t just deal with crises as they come up.

And then there are the members and the meetings. Even if all the owners live within the building (as opposed to having out-of-state or overseas owner-investors), it’s hard to coordinate with other people and to set a convenient meeting time for everyone to attend. When a meeting does occur, is it organized and not drawn out? Are the choices laid out clearly? Do stronger personalities suck all the oxygen out of the room? Do you actually leave the meeting with a decision or will more emails need to be exchanged?

If this sounds like your current situation, then you need to do better by your residents. You need expert Harlem property managers to help your co-op or condo board.

Why Get Harlem Property Management To Help?

As the authority on co-op and condo buildings in Upper Manhattan, we’re used to dealing with residential buildings, big or small. We specialize in managing multi-family buildings with up to 99 units. We can solve problems and maximize the value of your asset without taking up too much of everyone’s time and energy.

Harlem Property Management can handle the high-level things that require project management as well as the minutiae of daily tasks. We can change locks and repair toilets as well as help with the update of your building’s façade or installation of a rooftop garden. As real estate experts, we’re up to date with all relevant laws and best practices to handle your finances, insurances, and more. If you need help with your staff or getting loans, we’re the right team for the job.

As Upper Manhattan locals, we can come to your building ASAP for any emergencies. We can also do regular inspections of every inch of your building, to act on little issues and do improvements before they become big problems.

Boards and associations are often approached by elevator contractors, insurance brokers , cleaning crews, and the like. At Harlem Property Management, we have good working relationships with service providers and other companies to help you with the full lifecycle of your property. Our job is to vet all of these contractors and give you our honest recommendations.

get professional helpWe’ll coordinate with everyone in the association. We’ll present you with the best options for your specific needs and offer our expertise and advice as needed. Then, we’ll act upon your decisions and help you provide good management to make your building a place where people love to live. If you need help with board management, please contact us at Harlem Property Management. We’ll be happy to help.