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As a member of a building’s management board, a good chunk of your time is spent explaining house rules to your unit owners. They might accost you in the hallway after a hard day’s work or interrupt quality time with your loved ones.

Instead of being reactive when it comes to house rules, you need to proactively tell unit owners and residents these three things that they need to know.

One: There’s a Difference between Rules and Bylaws

Bylaws are internal rules that the state requires managing boards to follow. These include when shareholder meetings are held and who can be on the board. It can also include provisions for sublets. Meanwhile, house rules are created by the board for unit owners and/or residents to follow. These can include not allowing shoes to be left outside your door or not having parties past 10 pm. Most house rules are reasonable and are meant to provide all residents quiet enjoyment of their home.

If your building is managed by a professional Harlem property management company, that company can help your owners understand house rules and bylaws, and what the differences mean to them and their investment. At Harlem Property Management, we’re always happy to take the time and explain things.

Two: The Rules Can Change

The owners might have signed up for a condo unit or a share in the co-op building with the assumption that the house rules are fixed forever. However, they need to know that the board can change the rules.

Most bylaws require that the board provide written notice 30 days before the rule change is implemented. If you need help notifying your residents and owners, a professional residential building manager like Harlem Property Management, can ensure that everyone gets a physical letter and an email about the changes as well as putting up notices in the common areas.

Our team at Harlem Property Management goes a bit further by also explaining the reasons why the rules need to change. It’s an important step in improving relations between the board and owners.  A positive relationship with your owners helps ensure that everyone complies with the new rules and that everyone continues to enjoy living in the building.

Three: Owners Can Help Change the Rules

It’s important for unit owners to feel empowered when it comes to changing the house rules that affect their daily lives. If they are dissatisfied with the process, they might take their disputes to court, making it expensive and painful for everyone.

To prevent this outcome, Harlem Property Management can consult with your unit owners and residents about making changes to the rules. We can explain why the changes need to be made and how it benefits them. We can negotiate terms with them. We can also be present during shareholder meetings to ensure that everyone gets a favorable outcome.

So, if you want quiet enjoyment of living in your property for yourself and your residents, contact us at Harlem Property Management today. We can empower everyone when it comes to house rules and bylaws.

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