Why Working With a Technologically-Advanced Property Manager in Harlem is In Your Board’s Best Interest - Article Banner

Technology is changing quickly, especially in property management. Understanding, embracing, and investing in technology is essential for delivering efficient and effective property management in Harlem and throughout Upper Manhattan.

If your co-op board or condominium association board of directors is looking for professional property management, make sure you’re taking a hard look at technological innovation. You want to see automated systems and processes that save both time and money. This is one of the benefits of working with professional managers; you know they’re bringing you the best tools and resources in the industry, as well as the knowledge and experience required to use them.

Don’t waste your time with a company that’s still mailing out paper checks and keeping track of your property’s income and expenses in an Excel spreadsheet.

We are committed to helping the boards and buildings we work with understand that technology is an important part of the way we work. It makes us more flexible, more adaptable, and more likely to deliver successful outcomes. We excel at staying ahead of the curve, and that means investing in the best tech that’s available.

Technology and Financial Management

The property management we’re able to provide through our Caliber software allows us to electronically pay bills on behalf of the building, the co-op, or the board of directors. Owners can also set up recurring payments for fees, assessments, dues, and other bills. Everything is tracked, documented, and easy to view through the portals that are set up for each board and even each individual owner.

Our partnerships with other innovative software companies, like ClickPay and AvidXchange, allow us to optimize both the residents’ billing and payments process as well as streamline maintenance and renovation schedule.

The technology we use reduces the risk of fraud and it keeps all of your building’s accounting accurate and transparent. Financial reports and statements are detailed and routine, giving you a clear idea of what you’re spending, what you’re earning, and where those funds are going.

Online Portals Improve Communication and Accountability

Property managers who leverage the technology available to them do a better job with communication. It opens up new ways to get in touch with people, whether it’s the board, the homeowners in the community, vendors, or other community partners. Online systems and portals provide more accountability and transparency. It’s easier to send a message through an online portal than it is to call and leave a voicemail message. Responses are typically timelier and more in-depth.

online portal

Online portals are essential for owners who want to view invoices, track expenses, view documents such as rules and regulations or bylaws, and send messages. This type of communication creates a documented chain of correspondence, which is extremely valuable if there’s ever a dispute or a conflict. The supporting documentation that may be needed is right there in the communication.


The real estate industry is somewhat infamous for being slow to go online and adopt technology. That’s changing, however, and you can usually count on your Harlem co-op or condo community to have modernized at least a little bit. If there’s still room for improvement, work with a property management partner who can help you learn and understand the ways that technology contributes to a better and more efficient process.

Please feel free to contact us at Harlem Property Management. We’d love to tell you more about our own systems and processes, which are largely automated thanks to technology.

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